Stomach cancer prevention tips, keep in mind two not three less to eat

Among all cancers, stomach cancer is arguably the more common and has a higher incidence rate. Did you know? It is said that most of the stomach cancers are related to your own diet. When you want to know how to prevent stomach cancer, follow me to learn a few tips, knowing that dietary changes can reduce the risk of stomach cancer, so let's briefly introduce them next.

First: Don't eat moldy food

How to prevent stomach cancer? In fact, if you want to have a healthy stomach, you should remember not to eat moldy food. Many friends usually have moldy food, did you know that? These foods contain aflatoxin, which is a carcinogenic substance Oh, often eat may lead to stomach disease and cancer risk greatly increased Oh, so do not eat moldy food.

Second: Don't drink or smoke

How to prevent stomach cancer? In fact, it is recommended to stay away from alcohol and tobacco. You should know that smoking will cause the capillaries of the stomach to be in a state of long-term contraction, so that the stomach wall will not receive sufficient blood supply, which will lower the resistance of the gastric mucosa and increase the chance of gastric cancer. Frequent drinking will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause recurrent inflammation and ulceration of the gastric mucosa, which will eventually lead to the occurrence of gastric cancer, so those who smoke and drink should quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible.

Third: Eat less pickled food

Many friends like to eat pickled vegetables, salted radish and so on. Do you know? These pickled foods contain a lot of secondary amines and nitrites, and when the harmful substances enter the stomach, they will react with gastric acid and other substances to produce nitrosamines and other substances, which is a very strong carcinogenic substance.

Fourth: Eat less fried food

Many friends like to eat fried food, especially at night as a snack. Do you know that? When you eat too much fried food, it is equal to excessive intake of carcinogens, which increases the risk of cancer.

Fifth: Eat less stimulating food

To prevent stomach cancer, it is recommended to eat less stimulating food. Because irritating food will lead to injury of esophageal mucosa, and then lead to injury of stomach mucosa, which will easily lead to cancer if eaten for a long time.

These are the effective prevention methods of stomach cancer, if you want to prevent it, you can try them.