What is the use of soya milk residue?

Soy milk residue is still high in nutrients

After grinding soybean milk do not filter the soybean milk left after the soybean milk residue to throw away, soybean milk residue in the nutrients are still very high Oh, soybeans have a part of the nutrients will remain in the residue, the general tofu residue contains 85% water, protein 3.0%, fat 0.5%, carbohydrates (cellulose, polysaccharides, etc.) 8.0%, in addition, also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

Consumption of soymilk dregs can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and reduce the consumption of insulin by diabetics. Moreover, the rich dietary fiber in tofu dregs can prevent intestinal cancer and can lose weight, so soy milk dregs are also regarded as a new source of health food.

Soybean dregs for weight loss along with soybean dregs for better results

When implementing the soy milk diet, it is advisable that you drink soy milk together with the dregs.

This is because soya bean dregs are rich in protein and fiber and contain a lot of calcium, about 100 mg of calcium per 100 grams of soya bean dregs. And the fat content in soya bean dregs is very low and the calories are also very low, eating it can prevent obesity.

Soybean milk residue can be used as a mask

Soybean milk residue remains rich in a large number of nutrients, mainly cellulose and protein, and they are able to adsorb the garbage that is not easily cleaned on the surface of the skin normally, so it has the effect of whitening and skin care. Therefore, you can make a mask from the leftover soya milk residue, both whitening and moisturizing, and not to waste such a good thing as soya bean residue.

Steps to apply soybean milk residue mask.

(1) The first step: prep work after drinking soya milk, with a random with the strainer will be the bottom of the soya milk for filtration, filter out the soya bean residue and take a spoon to the online soya bean residue pressure dry, in order to avoid too much moisture and let the soya bean milk or soya bean residue flow all over the face, full of neck are. However, it is best to put a towel or paper towel around your neck before applying the mask to prevent the water from flowing down from the soybean residue. (2) The second step: the production of soybean milk residue mask in advance of the preparation of soybean residue in the addition of two small spoons of honey, fully evenly stirred in order to make soybean residue on the face will not fall off. Moreover, honey also plays a nourishing role and is also a good beauty product. (3) Step 3: Soybean milk residue mask on the face to make a good bean residue mask evenly on the face, wait 15-20 minutes to wash. (4) Step 4: After the dressing cleaning work cleaning, it is best to dial down most of the bean residue first. Finally, you can leave a little bean residue on your face and rub it in. Soybean residue belongs to the fine particles, whitening at the same time there are scrubbing exfoliating effect it.