Can water chestnuts be eaten raw?

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with water chestnuts, but most people do not know what water chestnuts are, but when it comes to horse feet we are very familiar with, but also often eat. In fact, the water chestnut is the horse's feet oh, called different way. Then you know that water chestnuts can be eaten raw? I believe there are a lot of friends have eaten water chestnuts it, then you are raw or cooked to eat it? Today we will take you to understand water chestnuts.

Can water chestnuts be eaten raw?

You should know that some foods can be eaten directly raw, so do you think water chestnuts can be eaten raw? In fact, water chestnuts can be eaten raw. You should know that water chestnuts are technically a fruit, which contains a lot of nutrients and is easy to digest, so there is no problem eating them raw. However, most people are advised not to eat them raw, because water chestnuts are aquatic plants, so it is likely that there will be parasitic infections, and eating them raw may lead to infections, so it is generally not recommended.

The contraindications to eating water chestnuts

First: to peel

Many friends eat water chestnuts are directly washed and eaten, in fact, the skin of water chestnuts must be removed oh, especially when eaten raw. Or because of the bacteria factor oh, you know water chestnut is aquatic plants, so it is easy to have bacteria virus attached oh, so to peel before you can eat oh.

Second: contraindicated people

Not all people can eat water chestnuts Oh, generally speaking, water chestnuts are cold, so the spleen and stomach cold or will die of physical weakness is not suitable for eating more Oh, and people who are allergic to water chestnuts can not eat Oh.

Third: forbidden to stay too long

Do you know how long water chestnuts can be stored? In fact, water chestnuts are very perishable food, forbidden to keep too long oh, otherwise water chestnuts will be bad oh.

The above is the introduction of water chestnuts, I would like to say that when you eat water chestnuts, it is recommended that it is best not to eat raw Oh, and eat to remember the above several taboos Oh, do these things to eat simple Oh, I remind, water chestnuts boiled meat slices nutritious and delicious Oh.