The most suitable for geeks towel fitness methods

  Many people have towels, or even more than one towel due to the need to have. And towels for us not only have a cleaning role, for geeks who do not like to go out to exercise is a good helper for exercise. Here to introduce the most suitable towel fitness methods for geeks for you

  1, the towel through the dumbbell handle, the towel folded, with one hand holding the towel head, do a single-arm biceps curl action. The action is equivalent to extending the dumbbell handle distance, the need to mobilize more muscle groups to respond to the extended force arm. 6 times for a group, 3 groups per side arm is good.

  2, sitting position, and legs bent in front of sitting on the floor, both feet together, towel around the feet, hands holding both sides of the towel, slowly extend the body forward. This action can stretch the back and the back of the thigh muscles.

  3、Standing position, front thighs stretch Right hand on the wall, towel around the ankle of the left foot, grasp the end of the towel with the left hand, knees bent, stretch the front thigh muscles.

  4、Wrap the towel around the front of the foot and apply pressure to the front side of the calf bone to stretch the muscles on the back side of the calf.

  5, the left hand upward, bend the elbow at the back; right hand down behind the reach, hands grab the ends of the towel, slowly roll up the ends of the towel, so that the two hands a little closer, the closer the better, this is the action of stretching the upper limb muscle groups. Then switch hands up and down in the same way.

  6, standing feet shoulder-width apart, holding the towel with both hands, flat lift to do a turn action, so that the waist muscles are fully stretched.

  7, the towel hanging on the bar, hands each holding one end of the towel, do pull-up action. 5 times for 1 group, 4 groups is better. For each movement you should hold the contraction for 1 second as you proceed to the top of the movement. This method accelerates muscle fatigue and better stimulates the growth of arm muscles.