Healthy and delicious detox diet recipes

Many people want to have a better body. So in addition to active exercise, what do we need to pay attention to in terms of diet? Here is a healthy and delicious detox diet recipe for you

  Seaweed and fungus meal

  Ingredients: half of dried kelp, 3 black fungus, 5 shiitake mushrooms, olive oil and coarse salt to taste.

  How to make: Soak kelp, black fungus and shiitake mushrooms, soften and shred them, then add olive oil and coarse salt and cook them in a pot.

  Suggestion: Eat as a side dish every day.

  Taste: smooth, tender and aromatic.

  Note: Kelp is slippery and can make it difficult for fertilized eggs to settle, so pregnant women should not consume it.

  Aloe vera and red dates drink

  Ingredients: 3 slices of aloe vera, 15 red dates, 20 c.c. of oligosaccharides, 3000 c.c. of water.

  How to do it: Peel off the thorns of the aloe vera, cut it into small pieces with the flesh, boil the dates and water on high heat, then continue to boil on low heat for 20 minutes, strain the dregs and add sugar to taste.

  Suggestion: Use as a thirst quencher for the day.

  Taste: slightly sweet.

  Note: Aloe vera is slippery and can make it difficult for fertilized eggs to settle, so pregnant women should not consume it.

  Groundnut snack

  Ingredients: 1 strip of groundnut, 3 white fungus, appropriate amount of honey.

  How to make: Peel and cut the groundnut, soak and chop the white fungus, then boil the two together with water, add honey to taste and eat as a snack.

  Suggestion: Eat 2 times a day, between 2 meals.

  Taste: sweet, crispy and delicious.

  Note: Groundnut is a starchy food that produces stomach acid easily, so do not eat it if you have too much stomach acid.

  Banana fruit juice

  Ingredients: Half a banana, 300 c.c. of pineapple juice, half a papaya.

  Method: Juice the pineapple, then cut the banana into small pieces, peel the papaya and remove the seeds, and blend the three together in a juicer.

  Suggestion: drink once a day, between 2 meals.

  Taste: slightly sour and sweet.

  Note: Drink now, do not put more than 1 hour, otherwise the juice is easy to oxidation, the effect will diminish. As this drink is sweeter and higher in potassium, do not drink it if you have bad stomach acid and kidney function.