What to do in the summer when you can't sleep?

Summer is here, many people are forced to be night owls again, because they appear sleep disorders, always can not sleep. We all know that sleep is particularly important for the health of the body, how to do it when you can't sleep? In fact, you can try the following methods Oh, these can help improve Oh.

First: away from the phone

When you can't sleep is, remember not to play with the phone Oh. You know that the more you play with the phone before bed will make the brain more excited Oh, said it is recommended that within half an hour before bed, it is best not to play with the phone, so that the brain is in a stable state, which is conducive to improving sleep Oh.

Second: drugs

If you can not sleep, it is recommended to try drug conditioning Oh. In particular, long-term insomnia friends can choose the oral solution of tranquilizer and brain, or blood tranquilizer particles, etc.

Third: pay attention to air conditioning

In the summer many people can not sleep is the weather factor, that can open the air conditioning Oh, then also pay more attention to the temperature of the air conditioning Oh, generally speaking to keep the indoor 26 degrees is the best choice Oh, but also pay attention to not open the air conditioning all night Oh.

Fourth: pay attention to air conditioning

In the summer can not sleep should do well? In fact, you can choose to adjust the sleep time, generally speaking, the best time to sleep in the summer is about 10:30, so it is recommended that about 10:30 to sleep, remember not to get to sleep in the early hours of the morning Oh.

Fifth: diet

People who can not sleep can choose to diet regulation Oh. Generally speaking, a lot of food can help sleep. For example, honey, bananas, lettuce and lotus seeds, etc. Oh, these foods can help improve sleep.

Sixth: improve the sleep environment

When you have insomnia, you can create a good sleep environment oh. For example, no sound, no noise, no light environment.

These are the effective ways to improve sleep Oh, if you say you sleep disorder, then you can try Oh, whether it is diet or sleep time, can help improve, and finally it is recommended not to always stay up Oh, even if you are forced to stay up.