Potatoes sprouted can also remove the buds can still eat

There are many friends in life who like to eat potatoes, and every time they buy more. There are many people found potatoes are sprouted, usually are sprouted to continue to eat, that potatoes sprouted can also be removed from the buds can still eat? You may want to follow me in detail with these questions to see it.

Potatoes sprouted can also be removed from the buds can still eat

In fact, we all know that there are some foods that can be eaten after sprouting, some are not eaten. And sprouted potatoes are one of the can not eat oh. Because after the potatoes sprouted there will be toxins, that is lobotropin. This substance is a toxic steroidal glycoside alkaloids, is a relatively strong toxic substances Oh, it is easy to lead to poisoning Oh, so the potatoes sprouted to bud is not suitable for eating Oh.

The efficacy of potatoes

First: increase immunity

Often eat potatoes friends will be more resistant to disease Oh, because the minerals contained in it can help improve immunity Oh.

Second: detoxification

What are the benefits of eating more potatoes in general? In fact, potatoes can help cleanse the body of long-term toxins and improve health. Increase the activity of immune cells and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Third: Laxative

What are the effects of potatoes? In fact, potatoes can help laxative Oh, because the nutrition it contains is conducive to promote the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, to help digestion. It can lubricate the intestinal tract and stimulate bowel movements.

Fourth: lowering blood sugar

Did you know? In fact, potatoes can help lower blood sugar. You should know that the substances in potatoes can help promote the breakdown of sugar, help improve the balance of fat,. Delay the digestion and absorption of glucose in the intestines, thus lowering blood sugar. It has a preventive effect on diabetes.

Fifth: anti-radiation

Usually eat more potatoes can also help against radiation Oh, it is said that the potato is the ability to scavenge free radicals, anti-radiation, prevention of cardiovascular disease, improve immunity, delay aging and other effects.

Potatoes sprouted to sprout can still eat? Actually, you can't eat them. To know this will lead to the appearance of harmful substances, so friends are advised to be cautious Oh.