Can I eat crabs with alcohol?

Can you eat crab with alcohol?

You can't answer yes or no to the question of whether you can eat crabs with alcohol in general, because the situation is different for different wines. Generally, you can eat crabs by drinking white wine, yellow wine and chrysanthemum wine, but you can't eat crab and other seafood foods by drinking beer.

Drinking beer can not eat crab

Beer and crab are cold food, two should not be eaten together, especially the spleen and stomach cold people can not eat this, very easy to cause diarrhea. Moreover, beer contains a lot of vitamin B1, crab contains a lot of purine and glycolic acid, vitamin B1 is a strong catalyst to promote the decomposition of these two substances, therefore, eating crab when drinking will cause the decomposition of a large number of these two species for a short time, generating a large number of uric acid in the blood, easy to generate sodium urate, calcium urate, etc., if not completely eliminated in time, will form urinary stones or gout. When such patients are serious, they are covered with red bumps, painful and itchy, rolling all over the place and unable to walk.

Tips: Therefore, researchers recommend that not only crabs, do not drink beer at the same time when eating seafood, you can boil the seafood first to remove the purines and glycosides. In addition, if you drink beer and eat crab to hurry up and drink a lot of boiled water, in time to uric acid out of the body. Also, eat seafood at the same time, try to eat some vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A, C, E, to reduce the precipitation of uric acid salts. But cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms are excluded.

Drinking which wine can eat crab

1, drink white wine can eat crab

Jinshu - Hua Zhuo biography: "got wine full of hundreds of draughts, four times sweet taste placed on both ends, the right hand holds the wine cup, the left hand holds the crab ao, pat floating in the pool of wine, it is enough for a lifetime." There is even a poem: "In September, the umbilicus of October, holding the cheeks of wine drinking chrysanthemum day". This shows that in ancient China, you can eat crabs by drinking white wine. Especially people with cold intestines often suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating crabs, so if you pair it with white wine to invigorate the blood and dispel the cold, you can very well reduce or eliminate the discomfort after eating crabs.