Four types of cancers that tend to be highly prevalent in middle-aged and elderly people

Cancer is relatively common in life, and especially the middle-aged and elderly people are most prone to cancer. Do you know which cancers are common among middle-aged and elderly people? If you are interested, you can follow me to check them out. If you pay more attention to the prevention of these cancers, your body will be healthier.

First: Liver cancer

In fact, many middle-aged and elderly people are most prone to lung cancer, and most of them have the habit of drinking and smoking, which are the main causes of liver cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people, especially those who have been drinking for a long time, suffering from hepatitis and family history, should have their liver checked regularly and follow medical advice.

Second: Breast cancer

Did you know? Breast cancer is more prevalent among middle-aged and elderly people, especially postmenopausal women. Without the protection of estrogen, the secretion of hormone system will be disrupted as we age, causing some diseases, breast cancer is one of them. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to the breast, exercise more and pay more attention to medical checkups.

Third: Lung cancer

Lung cancer is a common cancer in China. For middle-aged and elderly people, smoking has become a habit that they can't quit, and smoking is the main factor that causes lung cancer, and people with family history of lung cancer should also be alert to the occurrence of lung cancer. For these high-risk groups, annual low-dose CT examination is recommended, while non-high-risk groups only need to undergo routine examination.

Fourth: Colorectal cancer

Did you know? Colorectal cancer is also a common cancer in middle and old age. Especially, people with long-term inflammatory bowel disease, blood in stool and history of intestinal adenoma are most likely to be affected.

The above are the cancers that are easily caused by middle-aged and elderly people, and I would like to say that when you are approached by cancer, you should be careful. In fact, the above are the common cancers, so it is recommended that friends should pay more attention to prevention.