Sweater how with beret?

Sweater how with beret

Sweater and beret match, the decision element is nothing more than clothing style and color, whether you want retro playful, or elegant atmosphere, sweater and beret match can always meet the requirements.

red beret + black high-collar sweater + black and white checkered back with one-piece dress

Red meets black and white gray, elegant introverted retro mood suddenly become playful and sweet full, with a pair of pointed boots, but also make people feel delicate little woman sexy, and then with a red system bag, looks more sweet and harmonious.

milk tea tweed beret + ginger high neck knit + black sling dress

Suspender dress with sweater outside wear is not everyone can accept, but does have a kind of elegant intellectual mature female flavor, with milk tea warm color beret, gradient and layered sense both, and has a full warmth.

red beret + red turtleneck sweater + blue jeans

Red and blue strong visual impact because of the beret and turtleneck shirt retro style and look delicate and lovely and sweet, high waist jeans to modify the waist and outline the curve, and then with a necklace let the details of more delicate.