What is itchy skin after cupping?

What's wrong with itchy skin after cupping?

1, the normal phenomenon of skin stimulation after cupping

Most of the time, the main reason for itchy skin after cupping is that the fire can itself is a kind of damage to the human skin, due to the local stimulation and congestion of the can, some tightening of the itchy feeling will occur, which is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, for the most basic reaction of the human body, itchy skin after cupping is a normal phenomenon. There is no need to worry. Of course, if the symptoms persist, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist and use some topical medication.

2, improper operation of the jar for a long time resulting in sequelae

If the process of cupping, due to improper operation or long retention time, there will be skin lesions (blisters, redness, bruises, etc.) phenomenon, and in these wounds almost recovered, there will be itching.

3, this indicates that the body has wind and dampness

Chinese medicine believes that itching of the skin after cupping is a manifestation of wind and dampness in the body, which is a normal reaction to the disease, indicating that the disease is being drained out. For example, if there is pain followed by itching, it is generally considered to be fire toxicity in the body. If a wind mass (acute urticaria) appears while walking the jar, it is due to wind evil.

4. Perhaps a skin infection appears

After cupping, there may be some skin lesion phenomenon, the ability to resist germs will be reduced, if you do not pay attention to dry and clean, bacteria and fungi will enter with the wound, causing skin infection, so there may also be itchy skin.

5, perhaps the cupping process there is allergy

This allergy is partly caused by allergy to the material of the jar, mostly porcelain jars or bamboo jars, especially bamboo medicine jars, due to the fumigation of drugs will have some patients appear allergic phenomenon. However, if the jar mouth is too hot when cupping or cupping for a long time, it will lead to poor local blood circulation, redness, blistering and even breakage.

Can you scratch itchy skin after cupping?

Do not scratch or scratch the itchy skin after cupping. Because the skin itself is fragile after cupping, scratching with your hands will aggravate the lesions and can easily cause skin infections. Especially when there are blisters, scratching can leave unsightly scars, which is unsightly.