5 things to note for newcomers to fitness

  With the popularity of fitness exercise in the general population opened, fitness people are becoming more and more, these are newcomers, newcomers to fitness need to pay attention to a lot of aspects, but not much attention, so today this article to organize rookie fitness common five fitness attention, hurry up and amenable to it!

  1, underestimated their own diet

  I believe that the average woman eating dinner will decide to forget that she actually ate a few sugars a few chocolates in the afternoon, many people will deny over-eating, especially the amount of food he ate. If you really want to lose weight, it is better to write down how much breakfast you had in the morning, how many cups of coffee with sugar and how many snacks you had in the afternoon, and to believe in the old saying that "a good memory is better than a bad one". Look at your diet log before you eat, don't freak out, maybe it's a little harsh but it can really make you lose weight.

  2, choose the wrong way to exercise

  What sources did you get the information from to determine your workout? By observing other people who work out in the gym? Maybe he is also working out in the incorrect way. Or through your friends, colleagues, the Internet, TV, newspapers, the latest research and your fitness trainer? What you exercise directly determines the results you can get. The best way to know how you should exercise is to write down your fitness goals at the beginning and then choose a professional fitness trainer to help you plan an appropriate fitness program to achieve that goal. Exercises that are not tailored to the characteristics of individual cases are often unproductive.

  3. Wrong workout techniques

  Choosing the right way to exercise is very critical. The way important, especially for those physical exercise exercise. The wrong way or technique can lead to injury, pain and soreness. To learn the right way to exercise, the best way is to find a professional personal trainer at the beginning.

  4. Overestimate your workout

  Most people overestimate the intensity, duration and frequency of their workouts because people like to trick themselves. But if you really want a good result, then be honest with yourself. The best way to do this is to start a fitness journal and stick to it to the end. Write down how fast you ran for how long today or how many reps you lifted with heavy dumbbells, etc.

  The next day when you wake up with a sore back will no longer give you the illusion of "Oh my God, I seem to have overworked", but we actually didn't work out much and need to work harder. By the way, many people mistakenly believe that as long as the workout reaches a medium intensity and goes on for 30 minutes, it will burn a lot of calories and fat. Unfortunately, however, it's not that simple. While it is true that exercise burns calories, only consistent exercise is the best way to lose weight. And it's hard to lose weight working out alone.

  5, a set way to exercise

  If you do the same thing every day, you will become very skilled. In exercise, this is called the principle of adaptation. This is very suitable for sports and other types of performances, but not for the purpose that you want to lose weight, increase physical strength or healthy body. If you do the same type and amount of exercise every day, after a while you will reach a bottleneck and never see any progress, because the body will produce inertia, the same reason as the skin care products to change.

  One way to break through the bottleneck is to change your workout routine a few weeks or months. You can dance one month, box this month, and yoga the next. Please believe that this will not only make you versatile decathlon, but will definitely be more effective. By the way, professional competitive athletes are also to change their workout plans during non-sporting periods.

  Novice fitness should do

  1, only do 15 minutes

  Many people think that exercise to 30 minutes to be effective. But in fact, it is not, first set the exercise time to 15 minutes, only 15 minutes, the body has begun to burn fat. High-intensity interval training (HIIT), a short period of time to the maximum force and speed of training, to achieve rapid fat burning and muscle strengthening effect of fitness, the effect is better than hours of running or cardio, for the busy modern people, this can be said to be the highest CP value of training methods. Choose the one you like and do it!

  2、Compound training

  }Composite training movements can stimulate multiple large muscle groups at the same time, the muscle growth effect is quite amazing. You can do upright dumbbell curl + shoulder push, dumbbell weighted squat, dumbbell weighted squat shoulder push, single arm dumbbell rowing and other combination forging, each group lasts 10-15 minutes, rest 5-10 minutes. The squat, hard pull and bench press are known as the fitness industry's "three golden movements", are very effective in gaining muscle} together with the movement.

  3、Find a partner to train with

  Just like the abs, 6 pieces is better than 1 piece! Fitness is also the same, research has proven: a partner can make your performance has a multiplier effect. With a friend to the gym, you can make the painful and boring training process more interesting.

  4, step-by-step workout routine

  The change in your body comes from your workout routine. If the heavy} the same action, long after the body is used to, the natural effect of sports greatly reduced. Forging muscle on the weightlifting start, as long as the training intensity is appropriate, and constantly increase the weight, you can achieve the purpose of growing muscle, improve metabolism and burn fat. Prepare a fitness plan, follow along and see their progress and goals.

  5, avoid too much aerobic exercise

  After completing the high-intensity weight training, if the aerobic exercise, it will make the body can not afford, but the effect on the fitness effect. If you want to use aerobic exercise to adjust your heart and lungs, you can do the same thing.