Eighteen kinds of health exercises you know how many

  Life is movement, only constant movement, to make the body healthier and make you energetic, there are many ways to exercise, so what is both simple but practical methods? The following I introduce 18 kinds of health exercises, just move your hands and feet can make health accompany you.

  Type 1: hair often comb two hands ten fingers naturally slightly flexed into a claw shape, from the front of the head to the back of the hair gently comb, repeatedly do 36 times. It can prevent high blood pressure, dizziness and headache, and improve intelligence.

  Type 2: eyes often transport two eyes open, eyes slowly to the left and right, up and down, far and near each activity 18 times, and then to the clockwise and counterclockwise direction 18 times each. It can prevent and control eye diseases and improve eyesight.

  Pose 3: Eyes slightly closed, then use the palms of the hands to knead back and forth 24 times, and then massage the palms from both sides of the nose to the forehead, followed by extending from both sides, massage to the temples, and then down to massage the jaw, after repeated bath surface 18 times, open the eyes.

  Type 4: nose often knead with two fingers finger surface on the nostrils next to the Yingxiang point, gently rubbing 48 times. It can prevent colds and rhinitis.

  Style 5: Knock on the upper and lower incisors 48 times, and then knock on both sides of the teeth 48 times, the force of knocking should not be too large, to gently make a sound as degree. Can prevent dental disease and improve intelligence.

  Type 6: Tongue often stirring mouth and lips lightly closed, first put the tongue on the outside of the teeth, lips inside, slowly turn in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, do 9 times each. It can prevent periodontitis, improve language skills and increase saliva.

  Pose 7: Jin often swallows when there is more saliva in the mouth, to be divided into three times, with the intention of inducing slowly swallowed into the small abdomen. It can prevent stomatitis and help digestion and absorption of food.

  Pose 8: Close your mouth tightly, then cover your ears with both hands, put your fingers behind your head, press your index finger on top of your middle finger, and then slide and pop the back of your head 24 times to hear the sound of a thud, which can prevent ear disease and improve your hearing.

  Type 9: head often lift the head from front to back slowly, repeatedly do 24 times. Can prevent cervical spondylosis, dizziness and headache.

  The 10th form: chest often jerk two hands palm surface in the chest from top to bottom repeatedly jerk chest 24 times. Can prevent coughing and asthma, heart disease, depression.

  Pose 11: abdominal often mo two hands palms overlap in the center of the navel, first around the navel in a clockwise direction 12 times in a small range of abdominal massage, then 12 times in a wide range of abdominal massage. Subsequently, 12 times in the counterclockwise direction of a wide range of abdominal massage, and then 12 times in a small range of abdominal massage. Can prevent and control liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, pancreas, pelvic diseases. Note: constipation should be clockwise mosquito abdomen, diarrhea should be counterclockwise mosquito abdomen.

  Type 12: waist often turn the palms of both hands gently placed on the kidney points on both sides of the waist, fingertips facing down, slowly rotate clockwise and counterclockwise direction three times each, followed by the spine as the axis, and then turn the waist three times to the left and right. It can prevent and control lumbar spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and kidney disease.

  Posture 13: Dan often raise two eyes lightly closed, the palms of both hands overlap on the small abdomen below the navel, and the intention is gently focused on the small abdomen for about 5 minutes. It can improve the body's energy, stamina, intelligence, immunity and vitality.

  The 14th form: anal often raise the inhalation slowly abdominal lifting anus, exhale slowly bulging abdomen loose anus, repeatedly do 20 times. It can prevent and control hemorrhoids, urinary frequency and urgency, urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence.

  Type 15: Shoulders often shake two arms from the bottom, backward, upward, forward, and then downward shaking to do 20 times. Can prevent and control frozen shoulder, upper limb pain and numbness.

  Pose 16: Knees often squatting two knees slightly flexed, straight, up and down squatting knees repeatedly do 20 times. Can prevent and control knee osteoarthritis, enhance the muscle strength of the lower limbs.

  Type 17: legs often stilt one lower limb on the ground, the other side of the lower limb straight up, fixed at a certain height, about 5 minutes, alternating between the two legs. Can prevent and control lower limb muscle atrophy, enhance the strength of lower limb activities.

  Type 18: Heel often upside down two heels slowly tiptoe up and then force down upside down, repeatedly do 7~10 times. Can prevent and control many chronic diseases, improve physical strength and intelligence.

  The above eighteen very practical, learn, can let us relax in the busy work, a small exercise can be exchanged for physical health, why not do it?