Can I do aerobic exercise on an empty stomach?

  Is it actually good to have oxygen on an empty stomach? This is not a question.

  When we talk about whether an exercise is harmful or not, the first thing to assess is whether it will directly harm the organism, which is like the "seven wounded fist", before hurting others must first hurt themselves, that is certainly not a high safety factor of the exercise. What about fasted aerobic? The answer is simple, occasionally until it is okay, you can not because of fasting aerobic will hurt the body, of course, there are two premises.

  Prerequisite one: exercise environment

  You fasting aerobic environment is good, no pollution and other dangers.

  Prerequisite two: their own physical health

  I am healthy, no heart disease, hypertension and other problems, and a good lifestyle, the habit of exercise.

  So, if you meet these two prerequisites, fasting aerobic is no problem.