The five benefits of bungee jumping The choice of the brave

  Bungee jumping is a sport in a certain height from the top to jump, bungee jumping is beneficial, but want to complete bungee jumping is not easy, because bungee jumping is very test of courage, of course, this also shows that it is not suitable for all people to play, to choose carefully Oh!

  The benefits of bungee jumping

  1, exercise courage

  Bungee jumping requires jumpers to stand at a height of more than 40 meters to jump down, if you have no concept of this height, then you can imagine the height of a 10-story building. This height is still the minimum height, yo. It is called the brave man's sport, can greatly exercise your guts.

  2、Let you overcome difficulties and fears

  Bungee jumping can make to challenge difficulties and fears, when you encounter difficulties in daily life, imagine your bungee jumping courage, it is not a matter.

  3、Exercise heart rate

  Bungee jumping requires a lot of heart tolerance, the requirements of the human heart and lung function is also very high, if you often bungee jumping, then you can better exercise the heart and lung function, so that you stay away from heart and lung organ diseases.

  4, relaxation of stress

  In the bungee movement, you can release the usual pressure out, rest assured that the bold scream, no one will laugh at you.

  5, prevention of difficult diseases

  Medical research shows that the human body after stimulation and shock, the body will secrete antibodies, these antibodies have a positive effect on the prevention of disease, such as heart disease, hypertension, cerebral palsy, etc.. Of course, if you have a heart disease itself, it is not possible to bungee jumping sports.

  How to complete bungee jumping

  According to the weight of the bungee jumpers combined with the principle of free fall aggravation to choose the appropriate rope, but also will be tied to the strap, pull ring, rope hook and pulley operation for each check, and a series of tests, the coach will come to the bungee jumpers, if you are a beginner, the coach will tell you that the best posture when jumping is standing on the pedal, chest high, eyes on the top of the distant layers of cockroach peaks When the staff counts 3, 2, 1 and shouts "bungee", the body stays straight and leans forward until the center of gravity shifts to the upper body and the feet are naturally off the pedals.

  The movement of bungee jumping is entirely a challenge to the psychological fear of the human self, the coach told the notes step on the pedal, then your body is completely in an airborne condition, no handrails and guardrails on both sides, the four fields are empty, only the mountains in the distance and the rock wall behind you silently watching, then you just take a deep breath, thinking "love whoever it is, go out", a sense of righteousness The feeling of "death is like a return", a ruthless heart has jumped.

  What people can not bungee jump

  People with bad heart or high blood pressure are absolutely prohibited from doing bungee jumping. In addition, some people with poor health, such as joint pain, once had a herniated lumbar spine disc, once broken bones do not bungee jumping. There are also people who suffer from eye diseases, such as glaucoma, deep myopia, also do not advocate bungee jumping. Because a long time head down, will make the eye pressure increases, serious will cause retinal detachment.

  It is strong people, before bungee jumping should also comply with some restrictions one is the age limit under 15 years old and over 45 years old is best not to bungee jumping. Because minors under the age of 15, the nervous system is not fully mature, this sudden shock may affect the normal growth and development of the future. And more than 45 years of age, middle-aged people, the body's internal organs have been aging, there are hidden heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, under the action of gravity, prone to induce the above-mentioned diseases, resulting in accidents. Secondly, it is best for people with poor psychological quality not to be forced to test their will. For example, usually very small guts, and even hear some big noise will panic people, people with neurasthenia, even if the physical fitness is good, it is best not to bungee jumping.