These staple foods calories beyond your imagination What staple foods are good for weight loss

  Frying oil is easy to see, but the fat that is absorbed into the inside of starchy foods is often invisible. Especially when also eaten as a staple food, accidentally may lead to calorie overload.

  The following staple foods have excessive calories.

  Fried rice category Since it is fried can not be separated from the oil and salt and other seasonings, or not only fragrant, but also easy to stick to the pan. This leads to a lot of fried rice inside the amount of oil, especially in the restaurant order fried rice and even every grain of rice is flooded with oil. Also eat a bowl of about half a pound of fried rice, to eat more than ordinary rice into 100 to 200 kcal calories.

  Fried cake, fried noodles, fried rice cakes similar to fried rice, fried cake, fried noodles, fried rice cakes fat content is generally in the 5% to 8% or so, the same fat content relative to the raw material has doubled dozens of times. Especially eat fried rice cakes, originally made of glutinous rice cakes are very sticky, fried if you put too little oil is easy to stick to the pan, so it is necessary to put more oil.

  The fat content of different breads varies from a few percent to several tens of percent, while crisp pies, lasagna bread and other "crisp bread" is the highest fat content, its crispy texture and three-dimensional layer can not be separated from the contribution of fat, similar pastries are pineapple puff, money puff, peach puff, crispy biscuits, etc., are fatty.

  The fat content of fried staple foods such as sesame dough, sesame flowers and doughnuts, which take a bath in the frying pan, soars considerably. According to the "Chinese Food Composition Table 2004

  Sesame sauce biscuits, oil cakes These types of foods are made with dough that has not been fermented and would be very hard if made without oil. In order to taste and texture double harvest, will be in the inside "package" into a lot of oil, such as oil cake fat content of 23%, sesame sauce biscuits fat content of most in 10% or more, so sesame sauce biscuits in addition to oil and sugar, nutrition and calories can be classified as pastry snacks.

  What are the suitable staple foods for weight loss?

  1, oatmeal porridge

  Oatmeal porridge is a nutritious and easy to digest porridge. Oats are extremely rich in linoleic acid, fatty liver, diabetes, swelling, constipation, etc. has a complementary effect, lower cholesterol, and nourish the stomach, the elderly to enhance physical strength, greatly beneficial to diabetic patients also have a very good effect of lowering sugar, weight loss.

  2, boiled sweet potatoes

  According to the measurement, per 100 grams of sweet potato calories is 99 calories. And the calories of white rice is 115 calories / 100 grams. The calories of sweet potatoes are lower than the calories of rice. In addition, sweet potatoes contain only 0.2 grams of fat, which is 1/4 of rice, and they also contain balanced nutrients. Such as vitamins A, B, C, fiber and potassium, iron, copper and more than 10 kinds of trace elements, including fiber on the intestinal peristalsis play a good stimulating effect, to promote the smooth excretion.

  Of course, sweet potatoes are also carbohydrates. If you eat sweet potatoes in a day, you have to deduct the corresponding amount of staple food. For friends who are on a diet. One meal a day with sweet potatoes instead of staple foods, is also a good weight loss practice.

  3、Steamed potatoes

  Many people think that potatoes are starchy food, eaten easily obese. In fact, the starch in potatoes is mostly resistant starch, with weight loss effect. But pay attention to the way potatoes are cooked, to avoid frying, cooked in a steamed way, and less seasoning.

  4、Brown rice with black beans

  Brown rice is the caryopsis of the rice grain after removing the outer protective cortex rice husk, the inner protective cortex (fruit skin, seed skin, bead layer) intact rice seeds, due to the inner protective cortex crude fiber, bran wax, etc. more coarse texture, dense texture, cooking is also more time-consuming, but its slimming effect is remarkable.

  Compared with ordinary delicate white rice, brown rice vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber content is richer, is considered a green health food.

  The outer layer of tissue retained in brown rice has high nutritional value for both weight loss and beauty. Brown rice is rich in dietary fiber, which accelerates intestinal motility, makes you feel full, and promotes cholesterol excretion. It is a good alternative to fine white rice.