When is the best time to drink soy milk?

When is the best time to drink soy milk

Drink soy milk in the morning to maximize nutrient absorption

Generally speaking, the best time to drink soy milk is between 6:00 and 7:00 am.

Because the human body after a night of biological clock cycle, the body is very lack of water and nutrition. At this time, the morning drink soy milk can play a role in replenishing water, provide nutrition, and drink soy milk is also conducive to the body's digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Do not drink soy milk in the morning on an empty stomach

Soybean milk is a protein-rich beverage, but only after the intake of a sufficient amount of starch food can not be consumed as calories, but to really play the role of constructing new tissue, repairing old tissue.

If you drink soy milk on an empty stomach, it can only be consumed as calories instead of starch, which not only makes the protein waste, but also makes the body lose its nutritional balance, thus increasing the burden on the digestive and urinary systems.

So, every morning before drinking soy milk it is best to eat some bread, steamed buns, buns, dumplings and other starchy foods to pad the stomach.

Drinking soy milk at noon helps you lose weight

In fact, in addition to the morning, drinking soy milk at noon is also very good, it is generally best to drink between 11:00 and 12:00 noon.

Because this time period is the time before lunch, drink soy milk before meals, not only can let the nutrition in soy milk be fully absorbed by the body, there can effectively reduce appetite, help weight loss, but also can play a role in indirect dieting.

It is also best to drink soya milk at lunchtime on an empty stomach

Drinking soy milk on an empty stomach can be able, but there is no nutritional value. Therefore, whether it is morning or noon, it is not recommended to drink soy milk on an empty stomach.

Because soy milk contains a lot of protein, after drinking on an empty stomach the protein will be converted into calories to be consumed, so there is almost no nutritional value. It is recommended that before drinking soy milk, eat some bread and other foods before drinking soy milk.

It is not recommended to drink soy milk at night or before going to bed

The best time to drink soy milk is 6 or 7 am, you can also drink soy milk at noon, but it is not recommended to drink soy milk at night.

Although the general case of drinking soy milk at night is not fat, as long as it is not excessive, a disposable cup of tea is enough. However, for insurance purposes, it is recommended not to drink.

Even if you want to drink, but also to grasp the time, generally in bed 2 hours before drinking. Otherwise, the nutrients in soy milk can not be completely absorbed by the body, but will cause the body to accumulate, in the long run will lead to fat hoarding. In addition, at night to drink soy milk should not add sugar, otherwise it will increase soy milk calories, easy to cause obesity.