Several effective ways to improve fitness results

  We all know that proper fitness is indispensable for good health, but most people work out more blindly and do not know how to work out efficiently. Here are a few effective ways to improve the effectiveness of fitness for you to understand.

  Hydrate from time to time

  Many people in the fitness, will pay special attention to the intake of protein, but the supplemental water is not necessarily the same attention to the famous bodybuilding Mr. Lawrence Ballenger said that the lack of water will cause a 10% reduction in muscle strength. The study also pointed out that the very slight symptoms of dehydration alone can affect people's mood and reduce body function. So it's best to hydrate in small amounts several times a day, and when you feel thirsty, it means you've let your body get dehydrated.

  Concentration first

  Concentration is really important, there are many people workout, not to focus on the muscles to be exercised, or the movements to be done, but should not force where force, practice the wrong muscle. For example, to train the pectoral muscles, the results of distracted training to triceps, and finally become a small chest, but the arms are too big Popeye pie, look very funny. Focus to do the right action, not because of the wrong posture caused by sports injuries, fitness can not be anti-injury, really can not scratch.

  First do the whole body training

  The more muscle groups used in the body training such as weighted squats, hard lifts, jerks, the more should be done first. Because in doing this kind of training, the whole body muscle coordination, and full attention. If you do some of the muscle groups first, and then do the whole body training, it may cause sports injuries due to the weakness of the muscle group, resulting in incorrect posture.

  The discipline of eating

  Fitness must be combined with diet, in order to have the appropriate effect. Just after exercise is the "avoid eating period", the most taboo to eat. Because half an hour after the exercise is the best absorption of the body, if you eat at this time, you will eat what fat what, just consumed calories at once to make up for it.

  Persistence and perseverance

  Fitness is expensive in perseverance, as long as not lazy, will certainly blossom. If you are fixed on the gym people, each time a half to two hours, three to four times a week; if you are practicing at home, half an hour to an hour a day, it is very good.

  Be calm

  Many people do exercise, because they want to do their best to eat, so much that the expression of the special, pulling a face of muscle, and then regenerate a face of wrinkles. Fitness people, must be calm, when doing exercise try to keep "expressionless", focus on the body muscles to be exercised, so that your face will be spared from the fate of accelerated aging.

  Rhythm of breathing

  This is the most important part of the exercise, you will usually hear two schools of thought, one is to do the action are close to the heart when exhaling, the other school of thought is that the movement needs to leave the heart when inhaling. In fact, either breathing method is fine, as long as you feel the breath is good!

  Record data

  If every time you train, you do not record data, how do you know if you have made progress? Prepare a notebook to record what training you did today, how many sets you did, and how many times you did each set! It's also best to take photos regularly to record changes in your body shape. This way, when you want to increase the weight, or adjust the training mode, you can have a basis. In addition, these records can also help you to more effectively develop a fitness program.