Spring weight loss lunch how to eat to so with to thin

  Many people think that weight loss should be dieting and usually give up the habit of eating lunch, which is actually wrong, so how to eat the best lunch for weight loss in spring? I have shared with you how many calories to eat for spring weight loss lunch, how to eat a good lunch, how to match a weight loss lunch, as well as spring weight loss lunch recipe recommendations and weight loss lunch bento.

  How to eat a spring weight loss meal? How many calories is good to eat?

  Considering the daily habits and the physiological characteristics of the digestive system, the timing of the three meals a day should be relatively regular. In general, breakfast is arranged between 6:30-8:30, lunch 11:30-13:30, dinner 18:30-20:00 is appropriate. The time used for breakfast is 15 minutes to 20 minutes, lunch and dinner is about 30 minutes, not too short and not too long. Meal time is too short, is not conducive to the secretion of digestive juices and digestive juices and food fully mixed, affecting the digestion of food, will bring gastrointestinal discomfort. Meal time is too long, will continue to ingest food, causing excessive intake of food. When eating, you should chew and swallow slowly, not gobble. Three meals at regular intervals, not to hunger a full meal.

  Three meals a day should be a reasonable distribution of food, usually energy as the standard for the distribution of the three meals a day to eat. In general, the energy provided by breakfast should account for 25% to 30% of the total energy throughout the day, lunch accounts for 30% to 40%, dinner accounts for 30% to 40% is appropriate. Appropriate adjustments should be made according to occupation, labor intensity and living habits. The serving size of each type of food can be adjusted according to energy needs.

  Lunch should be eaten well

  After the intense work or study in the morning, the energy and nutrition obtained from breakfast are constantly consumed and need to be replenished in time to provide energy for the work or study life in the afternoon. Therefore, lunch plays a role in the three meals of the day to carry on the role of the next. The energy provided by lunch should account for 30% to 40% of the total energy required throughout the day, taking the daily energy intake of 9209kJ (200kcal) as an example, the amount of staple food should be about 125g, which can be chosen from rice, pasta (steamed buns, noodles, cereals, cakes, cornmeal cakes, etc.), and several kinds of meat, poultry, beans and products, aquatic products and vegetables can be selected according to the principle of balanced nutrition. With this, you can choose 75g of animal food, 20g of soybean or equivalent products, 150g of vegetables and 100g of fruits to ensure the intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber in lunch.

  How to eat lunch for weight loss?

  Chinese fast food ≠ healthy

  Western fast food calories scary, Chinese fast food is not necessarily all good, the general fast food restaurants in order to increase the taste and flavor of dishes to attract customers, will put more oil in the frying (do not exclude some or poor quality oil). An ordinary rice ribs calories on about seven or eight hundred kilocalories. And a bowl of more oil ribs noodles can reach one thousand calories.

  How many calories per day to lose weight.

  There is a simple formula for calculating the daily calorie requirement = your weight (pounds) x 14, the resulting number is approximately the number of calories you need every day, which means that according to this calorie eat, you will keep the current weight unchanged, will not grow fat and will not become thin.

  And if you want to lose 1 pound of fat a week, you need to form a calorie difference of 500 calories/day on top of this calorie (you can eat 500 calories less, or consume 500 calories more through exercise. But generally the most recommended is half for exercise and half for diet, and 250 calories consumed through exercise and 250 calories less for diet).

  Similarly, if you want to lose 2 pounds of fat a week, you need to form a calorie difference of 1000 calories a day.

  The above gives you an introduction to how to eat lunch for spring weight loss, here are some more lunch recipes for weight loss together.

  1、Shrimp cup set

  1. rice 75g 2. shrimp salad: grass shrimp 50g, green pepper 50g, lettuce 50g, sage fruit 50g 3. hard-boiled egg 1: 50g 4. after-meal refreshments: yogurt 1 cup, 100g, strawberries: 50g energy: 632 kcal protein: 28g

  2. Eel rice set

  Rice 75g 2. Eel: 75g, red pepper 50g, lettuce 50g, broccoli 50g 3. Stir-fried spinach: 100g, salad oil 10g 4. After-meal refreshments: yogurt 1 cup, 100g, kiwi fruit: 50g Energy: 646kcal Protein: 28g

  3. Sandwich set

  1. Sandwich bread 1: 2 slices of bread 50g, square leg meat 25g, lettuce 50g 2. Corn salad: 1 fresh corn: 100g, tomato 50g, chicken breast 50g, a little salad dressing 3. After-dinner refreshments: yogurt almond cup, yogurt 100g, almond granules: 15g Energy: 632kcal Protein: 29g

  4、Red braised beef and rice set

  1. rice 75g 2. beef: 100g, tomato 50g, carrot 100g, salad oil 15g 3. mixed pickles: 100g 4. after-meal refreshment: 1 orange, 100g energy: 633kcal protein: 28g

  5. Noodle set with vegetable soup

  1. Noodles with mushroom and vegetable soup: 100g, mushroom 50g, bok choy 100g 2. Shredded pork with fish: lean pork 50g, wild rice 75g, dried chili 5g, soy sauce 5g, vinegar 5g, sugar 5g, salad oil 15g 3. After-dinner refreshment: apple 100g Energy: 697kcal Protein: 26g

  6、Portuguese chicken rice set

  1. rice 75g 2. chicken thighs 100g, sliced mushrooms 50g, onions 10g, tomato sauce 10g, oil curry 10g 3. stir-fried vegetable hearts: 100g, salad oil: 10g 4. after-dinner refreshment: rose tea 1 cup energy: 635kcal protein: 27g

  The above gives you these 6 lunch weight loss recipes, very suitable for consumption during weight loss, if you want to lose weight, then you can try oh.