How to stretch and press the leg Details of the three training methods

  When it comes to stretching and leg press, everyone should understand that it is very helpful for your fitness, and of course, for your body's adjustment! So how to stretch and leg press? What are the benefits of regular stretching and leg presses? Why not follow along to take a good look at it!

  Stretching and leg press method

  The body is facing a certain height object (high platform, railing, etc.), stand with feet together, raise the heel of the left foot to the rib wood, hook up the toes, flex the ankle joint, hold the hands on the left leg knee, straighten the waist, straighten the leg, and collect the hip. Upper body slightly bent forward, downward and forward to do the vibration press leg, slowly and sequentially increase the strength, and then change legs. Depending on the individual, touch the toes in turn with the elbows, forehead, and jaw.

  With the body sideways to the support, use the title of the right foot with the toes outward, slowly lift the left foot, place the heel on the support, hook the toes and flex the ankle joint tightly, lift the right arm upward and place the left palm in front of the chest. Straighten both legs, straighten the back and open the hips, and press the upper body to the left.

  Stand with your back to the support, legs together, arms crossed, if the support is unstable, then you can hold on to the other side of the support. Support with the right leg, lift the left leg, place the back of the foot on the support and straighten the face of the foot. Bend your upper body back and do a simultaneous vibration press. Do this for 2-3 minutes on the left and right foot.

  Stretching and pressing the leg benefits

  Stretches the dorsal thigh and hip muscles, promotes blood circulation and increases joint flexibility. The leg press for young children can promote growth; the leg press for young people can make the legs slender; the leg press for the elderly can move the muscles and bones, prevent the aging of joints and tendons, and slow down the aging process.

  Stretching ligaments, increase flexibility. Good flexibility can promote physical health and physical perfection, reduce sports injuries.

  Leg press is a good warm-up exercise. Before other formal training begins, leg press is a good warm-up or relaxation exercise. Leg press can get rid of the stiffness of the body before exercise, improve the coordination of the nervous system and muscle tissue.

  Leg press precautions

  The middle-aged and elderly people and infrequent exercise stiff muscles and bones, very high bar fiercely across the up easy to strain, the height of the first trainer leg press is best to choose the height of the hip joint below, about 45 degrees or so. Do not look at this height is very short, but the safest, pressed after a period of time, the head can easily touch the legs, this time to increase the height is more secure.

  After one or two years of exercise, middle-aged and elderly people's legs can easily lift to about 90 degrees, persist, the legs can also be wrenched over the top of the head. However, for most people, and hip level height is the safest. Not too long, 15 to 20 times per leg, time to not more than 10 minutes as the best.

  Attention should be paid to balance, to avoid swaying and falling. Especially the middle-aged and elderly, due to the decline of physical function and strength, balance is more important.