Why does it cause cholecystitis, an inventory of the four major causes

There are many friends who have diseases in their lives, most of which are chronic. Have you ever experienced cholecystitis? I believe there are many friends who have this disease, so do you know what causes cholecystitis and why it has come to you? You may want to take this question together to see about the causes of cholecystitis.

First: breakfast basically do not eat

Do you usually have breakfast? In fact, there are data that show that most of the working people do not eat breakfast oh. However, not eating breakfast is very likely to lead to excessive secretion of bile, resulting in the accumulation and eventually leading to inflammation.

Second: Irregular diet

Many friends in the diet is irregular, some people are basically hungry to eat, or eat very rich at night Oh, that when you often overeat or starve, easily lead to obesity, but also lead to abnormal lipid metabolism, eventually causing inflammatory changes in the gallbladder lining, thickening is not smooth, the development of cholecystitis.

Third: the wrong choice of food

How do you usually choose food? I believe that most of the friends are fruits and vegetables and meat with reasonable, but some people are very picky and love to eat high-fat and high-calorie food, such as fried or burgers and barbecue and so on food, and these foods will lead to increased digestive burden, prompting gallbladder congestion and edema, inflammatory changes, and even bile stasis with gallbladder stones.

Fourth: insomnia

If you sleep poorly, it is also easy to lead to cholecystitis, oh. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the gallbladder meridian is generally repaired at 23:00 pm to 1:00 am, and when you stay up late, then it is easy to affect its function, resulting in metabolic abnormalities, ultimately causing the appearance of gallbladder disease, and cholecystitis is one of them oh.

The above are the common causes of gallbladder infection, so do you belong to which one? I remind, gallbladder disease is not to miss the disease oh, it is recommended that usually pay attention to oh.