What foods should I not eat for spleen-yang deficiency?

Spleen Yang deficiency can not eat duck meat

The nature of cold things. The "diet instructions" has said: "duck meat taste sweet cold, slippery in the hair cold gas." Qing - Wang Mengying also cloud: "more food stagnant gas, slippery, where the Yang deficiency spleen weakness, ...... are contraindicated." Therefore, people with spleen deficiency, especially those with spleen Yang deficiency should not eat duck meat.

Spleen Yang deficiency can not eat snapper

The snapper has the effect of cooling the blood and nourishing the yin, is a clear food, nourishing and greasy things, eat a lot of long time to eat will hinder the spleen's transport function, causing indigestion, loss of appetite. Especially the spleen and stomach deficient people, should avoid eating, as the "herb from the new" cautioned: "spleen deficiency is a big taboo."

Spleen Yang deficiency can not eat snails

It is cold in nature, sweet and salty in taste, and has the effect of clearing heat and relieving summer heat. It is because of its cold nature that it is explicitly warned in the "Sui Xi Jiu Dietary Recipes": "Eat a lot of cold, and it is contraindicated for those with a deficient spleen."

Spleen Yang deficiency can not eat snail

Cold in nature and sweet in taste, although it has the effect of clearing heat, it is inappropriate for the body with a deficient spleen and stomach. As pointed out in the Materia Medica Huiyan: "This object is cold in nature, good at solving all hot miasma. Cold drinks in the stomach, the abdomen has a long time defecation is not real, should not eat it." Yao Kecheng "Food Materia Medica" also says: "More food makes abdominal pain does not disappear." Therefore, anyone who has a deficient spleen should avoid eating it.