Sitting in front of the computer to close the abdomen can also become thin

  Here we come to teach you a set of simple and easy to learn fitness exercises, so that you do not delay sitting watching TV or computer, do not delay work and entertainment, do not have to spend a lot of time and energy, but also to maintain the delicate shape.

  Preparatory posture: sitting on the sofa or chair, lengthening the neck, chest and abdomen, hands on the side of the body slightly behind, eyes flat in front.

  First, make the head and neck part of the curve soft and beautiful

  Tilt your head for 4 beats to restore, and lower your head for 4 beats to restore. Be sure to feel the neck muscles are elongated, a complete action done for 1 group, do 2-4 groups.

  Second, so that the chest and arm curves soft and beautiful

  Action 1. two hands opposite each other, pushing 20 times, and then hold this action, silent count 10 beats, restore.

  Action 2. breathe evenly, count 10 beats silently, restore. A complete action is done for 1 group, do 2-3 groups.

  Three, tighten the abdomen, reduce the waistline

  Action 1. tighten the abdomen as much as possible while doing deep breathing, silent count 10 beats and then restore

  Action 2. press the left hand on the back of the right hand on the abdomen, massage in a clockwise direction for 10 turns. A complete action is done for 1 group, do 2-3 groups.