Beret color how to choose?

Beret color how to choose

For the hat color selection, is to see with what kind of clothes match, and its own hair color and skin color, etc., although the beret simple and introverted, but can not hide its unique personality, so choose the color can not and body clothes have too much sense of contradiction oh.

Black beret

Black is undoubtedly the most versatile and will not go wrong color, no matter what color hair, with black will not look abrupt and unnatural, in the clothes with, can also enjoy choosing their favorite color, saturation low color appears calm and elegant, bright color and black neutralize each other, but also seems bright full, fabric, mainly tweed or bright leather, but can bring exquisite rhyme.

White beret

White beret material is generally the most classic tweed or soft knitted fabric, just like the color, it will give people warm and soft visual feeling, especially tweed material white beret, in the sun will have a plush texture, can say very sweet and lovely, in the clothes also no color requirements, everything as you wish.

Milk tea color beret

Like a cup of black tea with milk in the afternoon, mellow and sweet senior gray simple atmosphere and soft, in the clothes with, the same color system of clothing is undoubtedly the most suitable, warm and at the same time reveals the classical lady temperament.