What color clothes for dark skin?

What color to wear with black skin

The most important thing is to choose the color is not because the color of the clothes will set off the color of the dark, skin black with the principle is never a single-minded show white, but to show a natural good color, in the healthy wheat bronze color when the prevalence of today, more to show their confidence is.

Red clothes for black skin

Whether white skin or black skin, almost all skin color and red match can set off a good color of moist, good color more can show unlimited vitality, autumn and winter season to choose a red coat is the most simple and atmospheric way, if you do not like a large red, red accessories bag or hat is also a good choice.

Dark skin wear dark blue clothes

Darker skin color try to avoid saturation too high color, at this time deep and elegant dark blue is very lined with temperament, if you like elegant atmosphere style, may wish to choose a low saturation of dark blue long coat, not only will be temperament and features set off more distinct, more able to strengthen the gas field.

Black skin wear black and white animal print clothes

The complicated and complex animal textures, such as leopard or zebra print, will make people feel very delicate, and healthy dark skin with a natural touch of wildness, compared to the white skin is more open to the atmosphere.