Salmon benefits and effects of skin care to improve cardiovascular

Do those who like fish eat salmon often? It is said that salmon can be eaten raw and a lot of people eat it. Then do you know what are the benefits and effects of salmon? We all know that the nutritional value of salmon is very high, there are quite a few nutrients, and these are good for the body Oh, then follow along to learn about salmon it.

First: cardiovascular protection

It is said that often eat salmon can make cardiovascular health Oh, because salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids, this nutrient is to help stop blood clotting, reduce vasoconstriction, lower triglycerides, etc., especially beneficial to the heart and blood vessels, can also help improve cardiovascular disease metabolic indicators.

Second: improve memory

If you say you have a bad memory, always forget the east and west, then salmon can be appropriate to eat oh. Salmon contains dha, which is unsaturated fatty acids, data show that this can help improve cognitive ability and reduce the occurrence of brain disease help. In addition, salmon is rich in vitamin D is also an important brain nutrient. Eat more salmon can become more resourceful!

Third: skin care

In fact, most women want to skin care, it is recommended not to choose skin care products, you can choose to eat salmon Oh. This fish contains Omega-3, a substance that can promote the production of collagen, and can also help lighten the spots, so that the skin is more youthful, so friends who love beauty must not miss salmon.

Fourth: anti-cancer

Proper daily intake of Omega-3, has been proven to help prevent blood cancer, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. In addition, salmon is extremely rich in vitamin D and selenium, both of which are beneficial in preventing some specific types of cancer.

These are the benefits and effects of salmon, I would like to say that friends who love to eat can come to see it, it can make you more beautiful, make your blood vessels healthier, but also to fight cancer.